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Primary Years 3 to 6

At BBIS, we guide the children in their personal journeys to become independent, open-minded and globally aware citizens; young people who fearlessly take on roles and responsibilities, share educated opinions and question the world as we know it today. Years three to six are years in which imagination, creativity and confidence are embraced and nurtured. The Curriculum is an ever-changing one, uniquely tailored to reflect our modern world as well as students’ own interests and needs. 

Pastorally, we take the time to help students discover more about themselves and equip them with the life skills to cope with everyday challenges and, soon, adolescence. 

BBIS promotes a child-centred approach and everything we do – from outdoor learning, charity work, community gardens and talent shows – centres around our vision of helping the children in our care achieve and experience more than they ever dreamed they could.