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Welcome to BBIS

On behalf of our students, I welcome you to the BBIS website which reflects the welcoming community to which we belong. BBIS is a place where everyone matters, where everyone is included, and where everyone is valued and respected.

Our overriding aim is for every young person to not only do as well as they can in all aspects of their educational journey but to become the best person they can be and move onwards and upwards so that they can become a fully effective world citizen. We aim for our students to enjoy their learning, and while they regularly experience success, they display resilience and an ability to cope with disappointment. They demonstrate high levels of interdependence and self-reliance as they learn from experience. They are intentional, active participants in ensuring that everyone else in their group, class and lesson achieve academic, social, physical, moral and spiritual success by working together to get the best for everyone.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing a stimulating and motivating learning environment, one that equips and prepares our pupils for the 21st Century. We believe that everyone in school should enjoy their learning and feel proud of their achievements. To fulfil this, we provide a curriculum which gives equal value to developing children’s academic, social, physical and global understanding. Our aim is to prepare every child so that they can achieve more than they think they can, and can succeed in the changing world in which they find themselves. Through fostering self-confidence and a life-long love of learning, we hope to help our pupils have a full and happy adult life.

Our Values

We strongly value the relationship we have with parents and recognise that effective partnerships are essential. We appreciate and value the support our parents give us and the role they play in enriching our children’s experiences and supporting their child’s education. Parents are always most welcome into school to help or to discuss their child’s progress or any matters of concern. The purpose of this website is to inform current and prospective parents about the life of our school, aims and values. We hope the site will be informative and enjoyable to view and parents will visit it on a regular basis.

Dr David Porritt.

Meet Our Staff

Parent testimonials, Dr Ann Thomas

“It really came across how much the children mattered and this defined the school for me immediately. We were impressed by the staff and teachers and how accessible and responsive they were. When we spoke, they showed an interest in our views and thoughts as parents and asked questions about our son.”

Parent testimonials, Mr Peter O.J. Grundberg

When I think of BBIS, I think of balance, open-mindedness, curiosity and kindness. BBIS’s friendly teaching staff are nurturing their students to understand and practice these fundamental values. It’s not just marketing chatter; these values genuinely underpin the school’s mission. I feel secure with my two children being in BBIS’s capable hands.

Parent testimonials, Ms Qi Liao

My daughter has studied at BBIS for five years, and we are happy for her to carry on her education here. As an international school, BBIS follows the British Curriculum while incorporating elements from Hungarian culture. My daughter likes her teachers and schoolmates and has made a lot of friends. I love the school`s culture and atmosphere and that they encourage life-long learners and children to achieve more than they think they can.