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Welcome – Secondary School

At BBIS in Secondary, students learn within the IB Middle Years and Diploma programmes. Centered around the ten attributes of the IB learner profile, we develop students who are inquirers; thinkers; knowledgeable; caring; principled; balanced; open-minded; courageous risk takers; reflective and good communicators.

In our two programmes, learning and teaching are centered around six key features of the IB Approaches to Teaching:

  1. Learning is conceptually framed to provide students with transferable knowledge that they can utilise in new and unfamiliar situations. By learning about concepts, the knowledge becomes timeless and transferable. An inquiry cycle is used to ensure students inquire, act and reflect in a continuous cycle.
  2. Learning is contextualised.  Through the MYP global contexts and DP contexts, learning is more powerful when students can apply it to real-life situations relevant to their own immediate needs and experiences.
  3. Learning is collaborative.  Teachers collaborate in groups to ensure that learning is vertically and horizontally aligned and consistent across groups. Students collaborate to share learning experiences and develop together as a group.
  4. Learning is differentiated.  Learners are supported in various ways to ensure that they can play to their strengths and receive support in the areas they need help with.
  5. Students are assessed using a criterion-related model. Students become familiar with the assessment criteria for each subject and use these criteria and their accompanying descriptors to measure their learning and identify suitable next steps. Teachers share a standardised understanding of how to apply the criteria across different task types and levels of performance.
  6. Learning emphasises reflection.  Teachers reflect on how students perform and the suitability of learning experiences. Students reflect on their goals and set targets. They reflect on their own skills development to become self-directed learners and become more autonomous.

At BBIS, we value the rigour and challenge provided by external IB exams for both programmes. In the MYP, BBIS is one of the small number of leading MYP eAssessment schools that prepare students for the optional onscreen examinations, which lead to the award of the IB MYP Certificate.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our young and vibrant learning community.