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Welcome from Our Principal

We are very proud of our community here at BBIS and aim to ensure that our school is a happy, caring and inclusive environment where everyone is valued and respected. We work hard to ensure all children of all nationalities are nurtured and given every opportunity to achieve their very best.

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facebook | 9th July 2024

Our very first cohort of IB Diploma Programme students have set a high standard at BBIS, excelling not only in academics but also showcasing outstanding character, determination, and support for one another. We couldn't be prouder of their achievements. Excited to see what the class of 2025 will accomplish in their final Diploma year! #ibresults #statistics #futureleaders #achievements #ibworldschool #budapestbritishinternationalschool

facebook | 8th July 2024

Congratulations to our 2024 IB Diploma Programme Graduates! We are thrilled to announce that our first, founding cohort of IB Diploma Programme students have all passed the IB Diploma! Given the difficulty of the exams, the internal assessments, the extended essays, and the CAS programme, achieving a 100% pass rate is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire BBIS community.Some highlights that we are incredibly proud of:100% pass rate for all of our Diploma students 100% course pass rate for our non-Diploma students31.75 grade average for our cohort (the 2023 world average was 30.2)Highest point total was 38 pointsWe wish you all the best in your future endeavours!#IBdiploma #IBresults #graduation #success #achievements #ibworldschool #budapestbritishinternationalschool

Student Voice


Extracurricular Clubs

“There are a lot of popular clubs here at BBIS that are successful, attract a lot of students, and are a whole lot of fun. Students enjoy the clubs as they are unique compared to the regular timetabled lessons. Our school hosts clubs that allow students to compete with other schools such as Drama Club, the Sports Teams and Model UN. On top of this, they enable students to go above and beyond with their studies with the accessibility of various clubs that help us build on our skills. We would typically practice these skills during school hours, but with clubs such as Hungarian, Choir, Homework Club, Science Club and Creative Writing, we improve without being restricted to our subject lessons”.


Residential Trips

“Residential trips usually take place at the end of the academic year. The school staff plan well in advance to make the trips as enjoyable and challenging as possible. The different year groups go on separate trips to various destinations. We have enjoyed sailing trips at Lake Balaton, a farm stay in Mohacs and a trip to Vienna. It depends on the year group as to how long they go for. MYP students may go on a five day trip to another country. The younger students would usually go for 2 or 3 nights to a destination in Hungary. Students have many opportunities to participate in fun activities that are always interesting and help inspire teamwork and encourage us to face new challenges. All students make lovely new memories that they will last a lifetime; residential trips are a fantastic experience for all involved”.


MYP Personal Project

I’ve been dancing for six years, 3 or 4 times a week. When I was little, I tried every sport out until I found my true passion, dance, at the age of 9. After two years of doing it, I had this emotional roller coaster. I was getting bored during training, and my determination flew away instantly. But even when I was at my lowest, I still did not stop. I just kept going. Eventually, I found joy again and started working twice as hard as I did before. Now I can create and choreograph a piece and know what movement should come after another. It took me two months to put this trio piece together with only two half hours a week to practice and memorise it. 

I chose to choreograph a contemporary piece for my Personal Project. Every style has its specifications, movement style and technique. As one of my teachers once said: “ it takes ten years of learning about dance and your body to understand the basic concept of dance technique.”  I agree with it 100%.  One important thing that I have learned about being a choreographer and going through this huge journey is that you should always know how to transform your vision and ideas into movement and towards your dancers. Most importantly, understand the structure of a performance.

History of BBIS



Premises purchased from the Canadian Residency and full renovation of the building took place.


We opened our doors to approximately 50 Primary students in Years 1 to 4. BBIS gained accreditation from COBIS (Council of British International Schools)


We started the process of gaining the Middle Years Programme (MYP) accreditation from the IB organisation.


The land behind our Primary School was purchased and work began on our new purpose built Secondary School


BBIS is the only school in Hungary to have full MYP accreditation. August saw the opening of the new Secondary School, and a new Nursery and Reception class. This year, we have 257 students representing over 35 nationalities.


BBIS is delighted to receive official authorisation to operate the IB Diploma and is proud to join the worldwide community of International Baccalaureate World Schools. The announcement creates the first continuous IB World School for Secondary age students in Budapest. Students can now begin the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) and continue their IB learning through to the completion of the Diploma (DP) in the same school. 280 Students enjoy learning at BBIS every day


Reaccreditation of COBIS (Council of British International Schools)
COBIS has now declared BBIS to have met the rigorous compliance standards in the quality assurance process we engaged with between  May 2023. The commendations represent and describe the exceptionally hard work of a large group of professional educators. 330 Students enjoy their learning at BBIS every day.

BBIS is designated as a Candidate School for the IB Primary Year’s Programme (PYP).


Reaccreditation of COBIS (Council of British International Schools)
BBIS completes all remaining standards in the rigorous quality assurance process we began in May 2023 and concluded in March 2024. BBIS welcomes 420 Students to the campus every day. BBIS DP 2 students receive offers from world-leading universities across the globe. First graduating cohort  – 100% pass IB Diploma (World Average 80%). Average Points for DP2 Cohort 31.83 (World Average 30.32)  Highest score 38 points. 30% above 35 points.