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At BBIS, we believe that learning Hungarian (mother tongue) improves the communication skills of native speakers and helps them stay in touch with their home language.

It is important that our students learn the exact use of the Hungarian language including syntax and a rich vocabulary, which allows them to orient themselves and thrive in their current and future lives as they explore their own culture, history, and traditions to create a proper overview and meaningful understanding of their country.

In order to achieve these goals, BBIS offers Hungarian native speakers the opportunity to learn Hungarian grammar, literature, composition writing, and 6th grade and MYP Hungarian history.

Our lessons are based on the Hungarian national curriculum, but the emphasis is on those parts of the material that help develop the skills needed to prepare our students to successfully participate in later Hungarian Literature studies within the IB Diploma Program offered by the school.

Every year we commemorate the most important national and religious Hungarian days, including the meeting on March 15, which is one of the most important days on our calendar. Taking advantage of the local opportunities, we organise field trips and theatre visits related to the curriculum for our Hungarian native speakers.