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The language and culture of the host country is really important for us as an international school. Therefore at BBIS, there are two different methods being used for host language acquisition.

For non-native speakers of Hungarian – including students who don’t even speak a word in this language – BBIS offers an introduction to Hungarian Language and Culture lessons twice a week. In these lessons, students learn basic words and phrases, funny or interesting traditions and customs that can sometimes come useful when they meet new friends or go shopping! Through various games and activities, all focusing on communication, children can become a little more familiar with this beautiful language and exciting culture. For a broader understanding, the Culture lessons are held in English.

For native Hungarian speakers, there are 3 Hungarian lessons a week. These are based on the Hungarian national curriculum about Literacy, Grammar, Composition writing, and also History in Year 6 and MYP. The aims of these lessons are very similar to the students’ English / Literacy lessons. Our main goals are to develop communication skills and reading: reading both fluently and accurately, while developing different comprehension strategies and playing with the language. We believe that learning one’s mother tongue, the exact use of the language including syntax and a rich vocabulary, allows our students to orient themselves and thrive in their current and future lives as they explore their own culture, history, and traditions to create a proper overview and meaningful understanding of their country.

For all classes – native and non-native Hungarian learners – we put emphasis on celebrating the national holidays and traditions throughout the year, studying unique folk tales and songs. Taking advantage of the local opportunities, we organise field trips and visits related to the curriculum.