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Welcome – Primary School


Welcome to our Primary School, where it is our pleasure to embark on a journey of education with you. 

From the very beginning of their journey, we are dedicated to nurturing young minds and fostering curiosity. We strive to create a warm and caring environment where our four core values – Respect, Caring, Learning, and Kindness—are not just words، but are reflected in daily actions and interactions. 

As a proud candidate school for the IBPYP (Primary Years Programme) our active and thought-provoking learning style employs an inquiry-based approach, granting students the agency to contribute to the topics they explore. In our Primary classrooms, group discussions, hands-on activities, and shared projects facilitate authentic inquiry learning where students identify, investigate, and find solutions to real-life issues.  Assessment practices involve students in goal setting and progress tracking, fostering a sense of ownership in their educational journey.

Social-emotional learning is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of our Primary School, emphasising holistic development, physical well-being, community building, social skills and giving students strategies to solve their own problems and understand their emotions.  We believe in creating a wall-less environment where students form positive relationships with themselves, peers, teachers, and the broader community. 

With a focus on making our students future-ready, we equip them with essential life skills through unique programs like ROOTS, where children learn first aid, woodwork, bike maintenance to name but a few.  Our emphasis on student agency and voice is reflected in Action Teams, House Captains, and Class Meetings, encouraging students to take initiative and contribute to the school community. Throughout the primary years, we offer diverse opportunities in the Arts, Sports, and Service, recognising the importance of education both within and beyond the classroom.

Our overarching goal is to encourage our students to become internationally conscious individuals who understand their connectedness, shared responsibility, and the value of diversity. Aligning our learning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is one of the ways in which we achieve this vision.

We look forward to guiding your child towards a future enriched with knowledge, skills, and a strong sense of self.