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Welcome – Primary School


Every day in BBIS Primary School is full of adventure, learning, experimentation, creativity, imagination, inspiration, and curiosity.  

We want our students to flourish, which for us is about both feeling good and doing good.  


Six Learning Superpowers and Eight Principles

We think about our six learning superpowers (6Rs) as different learning muscles.  Like physical muscles, each is developed and strengthened as the students engage with a wide range of learning experiences. Each of the 6Rs are reinforced through our House points system and ‘Class Dojo’. As the students experience the curriculum, and the way it is delivered, all 6 learning dispositions are strengthened through the Primary learning journey.


The Primary Curriculum is based on eight key principles 

AGENCY – ensures children are at the heart of the curriculum where they feel empowered to share their opinions and shape the curriculum and choice in how they share their learning

ASPIRATIONAL – provides points of orientation towards the future we want

AMBITIOUS – ensures the curriculum is both challenging and rigorous.  We strive for all pupils to develop resilience and perseverance, challenging and supporting children to aim high and achieve ‘more than they think they can’. 

REAL and RELEVANT– provides real life, authentic application of knowledge and skills and opportunities for meaningful social action and entrepreneurship

COHERENT – ensures clear progression and connections in their learning 

ATTRIBUTES, VALUES and ATTITUDES – promotes the qualities and dispositions we believe children will find essential in the 21st century and are the cornerstones of respectful, global and healthy citizens. 

PERSPECTIVE – promotes ‘international mindedness’ – local, national, international and intercultural perspective. 

RESPONSIBILITY -stimulates critical thinking about global issues and sustainable development