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At BBIS, we follow the UK curriculum in Science, and the topics can be split into four areas:

  • Scientific enquiry/Investigative skills – these skills provide the structure and processes for which Science content can be understood and involve children progressively developing key scientific ideas through learning how to investigate. In this way, children build their knowledge and understanding of the world around them through the process of inquiry.
  • Materials – these activities encourage children to understand the properties of and differences between materials and their possible uses.
  • Physical processes – this area focuses on sound, forces and electricity.
  • Life processes and living things – children learn about humans, animals, plants, and the environment.

This year, we are fortunate to have our own Primary STEM Room. This area will enhance students’ learning by immersing them in the world of Science. They will do many experiments and projects, enabling them to learn by planning, experimenting, and evaluating their work.