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Our Ambition

Our Ambition for our Students

We work to enable our students to achieve meaningful goals, understand their strengths and know which areas of their learning and development need improvement. 

We aim for every young person to be equally confident in leading or working in a team, for the betterment of the community.

We challenge the students to think for themselves, question assumptions, plan their learning and set meaningful, optimistic and realistic learning goals. 

We aim for the students to seek out different ways of approaching their learning and learn how to reflect on knowledge, skills, attitudes and concepts and most importantly, on themselves.     

We work to make sure that our students are generative, active listeners who present with confidence, clarity and purpose, writing with fluency and clarity.  

We expect students to become confident conversationalists, who can initiate and sustain articulate conversations in a wide variety of settings and we expect students to read widely for meaning and enjoyment.

We focus our attention on enabling students to use technology appropriately, responsibly and understand the helpful and unhelpful impact that technology can have on human learning and flourishing. 

As part of the 24/7 ‘always on’ connected global community, we aim for our students to demonstrate wise, safe behaviours concerning their digital footprint and conduct online.

We aim for our students to be service orientated so that they engage with local and global issues undertaking acts of service as well as acts of giving to others. 

We aim for them to understand critical issues of sustainability and in doing so demonstrate respect for the planet. 

Our desire is for our students to apply their learning, their talents, skills, knowledge and understanding in meaningful and thoughtful ways in the service and benefit of others. 

We work to ensure that the students are well organized, self-managed, independently and internationally-minded, respectful people who exercise self-control and who build trust.