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At BBIS we recognise the critical role literacy plays in enabling our students to achieve ‘more than they think they can’ as global citizens.

At BBIS we foster a deep and intrinsic love for reading, writing and spoken language. Literacy skills are embedded across the breadth of the curriculum in order to develop powers of imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness.

We ensure we support our students where English is a second language through targeted interventions and in-classroom support.


What does literacy learning look like at BBIS?


Our curriculum aims to foster an enthusiasm for Literacy in students as well as equip them with the skills they need to achieve the highest standard possible.

The students participate in daily phonics and spelling lessons using ‘Read, Write Inc.’. RWI is a complete phonics programme with high-quality training, assessment, intervention and resources (including decodable books).

In Literacy lessons, we tailor teaching approaches based around the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE). The ultimate aim is to put quality children’s literature at the heart of all learning in order to raise literacy achievement and to plant a passion for reading in our students.

We embed reading skills within our Literacy lessons using the ‘Building Bridges of Understanding’ teaching approach. The ultimate aim is for our students to become self-regulated strategic readers who predict, visualise, make connections, ask questions, determine importance, clarify, and infer meaning before, during and after reading. In addition, there are planned speaking and listening opportunities throughout lesson time.

Entwined within all areas of the curriculum, we strive to enhance individual’s Oracy skills. Through developing speaking and listening skills, our students become confident and competent in expressing themselves and understanding others.