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Technology in Primary

Our curriculum for computing aims to equip BBIS students with the foundational skills in computing needed for the rest of their lives. It builds up from three main areas: Computer Science, Digital Literacy, and Citizenship. Students will progress through a variety of projects related to each area within every year level, ultimately transitioning from primary to secondary as competent, creative, and responsible technology users.

During their primary studies, students have the chance to experiment with various educational technologies. All year groups are using a set of iPads in their classrooms for a variety of lessons. Students have a chance to work with BeeBots, Micro:bits, LEGO Robots, and 3D printers. By the end of their primary studies, students have learned the basics of coding and robotics. 

In key stage 2, all students use Chromebooks for their computing studies to get familiar with text editing, creating presentations or websites, and working collaboratively.

Every primary classroom includes the latest touch screen SMART Panels to make teaching and learning engaging and interactive.