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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees gather for an online meeting - this is a black and white photo captured from ZOOM so everyone is in a tile format

BBIS Trustees

The Board of Trustees was formed in 2017 to provide the Proprietor and Principal with advisory support on all aspects of the school’s operation. The Trustees are all volunteers and represent a wide cross-section of education and business backgrounds. The Trustees meet virtually every team and at least once a year here in our school. This enables the Trustees to meet with students and staff and see the school’s development for themselves.

Mr Archdale, (top left) who is Chair of Trustees, was an International and UK Head of School for many years. He is a non-executive director of a leading international education recruitment company advising us on matters of education.

Mr Rowsell (bottom middle) was an international and UK head of school for most of his career and now works as a leadership coach and high-performance learning advocate worldwide, advising us on education matters.

Mr. Owen (bottom left)is a renowned International Architect who advises on building infrastructure and design matters.

Mr. Sternhal (top right) is an expert in finance and energy and comes from the local community. He is an enthusiastic advocate for entrepreneurialism and student voice.

Ms. Tittel (bottom right) is an HR expert who has worked for various multinational companies and advises us on employment and personnel matters.