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Dr Petra Szalai

Dr Petra Szalai Founder

Best BBIS moment

My best moments are all connected with being able to realise my dream of establishing a British International School in the heart of the Buda Hills, getting to know all of the families and witnessing the development of a truly caring and inclusive community. My vision for BBIS has always focused on people and the place we create together so that all of our children and young people can succeed. There are four main areas that I’m passionate about. I have a great team of professionals who make this happen for us all.

BBIS is a safe place where people want to come every morning, where happy children achieve, where there is equality of opportunity and fairness, and where everyone can find a way to drive themselves forward. 

BBIS is a community where children and adults want to be there and learn and work alongside people who want to be there. It is a school where teachers, teaching assistants, leaders and administrators want to help children achieve their best.

BBIS is a community that knows each other and cares for each other.

BBIS is a supportive, connected, caring family.

Something interesting about me

I went to an IB DP school here in Budapest and enjoyed the experience of International Education. I guess I’m one of the very few people who have done an IB DP and have also set up an IB DP!

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