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Student Voice

Primary Student Council

Students have a strong voice in the running of their school and the Primary School Council is one way that we help every child to engage and lead change in their world. Representatives are elected from each class, but all students are expected to contribute to the work of the school council with small groups undertaking activities in response to priorities recommended and voted on by students. 

Student Council and Leadership in Secondary

What is a school campus if not an ideal training ground for future leaders? At BBIS, we value the role of activities that provide students with an opportunity to develop leadership and responsibility. Our Student Council meets weekly to provide student voice on issues in the Secondary school. Our Secondary Prefects assist us in ensuring that students take pride in themselves and their school community. From the quality of uniforms to activities to lunch and facilities, our student leadership roles provide us with valuable insight and creative ideas while providing students with the opportunities to develop as leaders. They take responsibility for their own lives and community. The BBIS Monday and Friday Radio is student-led and from time to time students take leadership roles in Assemblies and work with each other to organise and run charity events.