Whole School Leadership Team (WSLT)


Angela Fairs



I feel very privileged to be the Founding Principal at BBIS and after almost 20 years in British and International schools, fully believe in the power of smaller international schools like ours, to enable students and teachers to achieve more than they think they can.
I am committed to nurturing self confident, globally-minded students, with mindsets for success. My vocation and calling is international education, although I started my educational career in London, and held leadership positions at the prestigious Alleyns School, Dulwich, London, before moving to become Head of Primary at Dover Court International School in Singapore.


Jonathan Spinks

Deputy Principal, Head of Performing Arts
MYP Teacher


In my opinion teaching is still the best job in the world and I believe passionately in inspiring students, not just academically, but personally, socially and also to make a difference in the world.
I have been in education now for just over 20 years and started my teaching career in Poland. I have since worked in the UK and other international schools in Budapest and Bali. I have a wide range of experience in teaching and leadership across the entire 4-18 age range.


Petra Szalai

Managing Director


I studied at international schools throughout my childhood, at the British International School of Budapest( BISB) in primary, and at the American International School ( AISB) for high school and IB diploma. Having had those experiences I fell in love with the International school models, and it was a dream to open a school which combines all yet keeps the small family atmosphere.I completed my double major in international relations and psychology at Vienna American University. After this I then gained an MBA at Oxford Brooks University. Later I continued at a Doctoral school in Budapest.


Suzanne Halliday

Director Of Digital Learning, MYP Senior School Digital Design Teacher


Hi, my name is Suzanne Halliday and I have been teaching for over 20 years. I am currently at BISB in Budapest and am have been the teacher for IB Diploma Business Management and IGCSE Business Studies for the last three years. I am very excited about my move to BBIS and my new role, to ensure BBIS Leads the way in 21st century technology and learning, and works towards becoming Hungary’s first Google school, STEM school and Apple School! I will be ensuring all teachers are
trained to the highest standards and that the BBIS students are computer literate and 21st century digital citizens, with all the necessary skills!

School Academic Leadership Team (SALT)

Barb Dilthey

BBIS Senior school MYP coordinator, Head of individuals in society
MYP Teacher



Hi, my name is Barb Dilthey. I have been working as an educator for 18 years and have been an MYP Coordinator, Individual & Societies teacher and MYP Personal Project Coordinator for 13 years. My passion for supporting the education of young people leads me to continually strive to find new ways to improve student learning and care.


Gary Brandon

Director of Studies, 6MB
KS2 Teacher


Originating from a small seaside town called Margate in Southern England, I graduated with a degree in Marketing from the University of Newcastle. However, my life changed when I gained a TEFL qualification and moved to South Korea to teach English as a foreign language.
Above all else, I like to see children enjoying every day of school, leaving each day with new knowledge instilled in them.

KS 1 Teachers


Julianna Egri



I was born in Hungary but lived abroad for several years. I decided to become a teacher because I love being around children, I love to learn, and have always been driven by the desire to help those around me.
I want to inspire kids to learn and grow. I believe that what happens in the classroom has the potential to impact students’ futures just as it did mine. I graduated as an Elementary School Teacher with English major and worked in a Hungarian-English bilingual school. For the last couple of years, I have lived and worked in Germany.


Kate Holmes

2KH, Primary English Leader


I have always worked in international schools in Hungary and in the UK. I am passionate about making the learning experience enjoyable and memorable.
I strive to be a role model, a mentor and a facilitator of learning to my students. I believe the relationship I nurture with my students sets the stage for the learning journey. I’m passionate about literature and arts. I coordinate early reading instruction to nurture fluent, confident readers through our synthetic phonics programme.


Anna Szigeti



I’m from Keszthely, a pretty Hungarian town near lake Balaton. I studied in Budapest, at the Eötvös Loránd University’s Faculty of Primary and Nursery School Teachers’ Training. During that time my biggest experiences were to study in Belfast, Northern Ireland for one semester, and to work in a summer camp in the USA. After my studies I become a primary school teacher in a Hungarian-English bilingual school.
I am a teacher simply because I love children. I am amazed of their curiosity, braveness and how open-minded they are.


Vicky Ellaby

2VE, KS1 Leader, Spanish


My name is Vicky Ellaby and I am from England. Although, I have not lived there for 17 years. I have a Bachelor in Education and started my career in London. I became an International Teacher after this and have worked in Spain, Mexico, Egypt, U.A.E. and now in Budapest.
I have worked in International Schools and a Montessori School. I love to learn about new cultures and I speak Spanish. Also, I am very interested in becoming more self-sustainable. I choose to work in small school as I feel the children can feel more at home and supported with their learning. I run the Eco- Warriors and want to develop this further in the school.


András Hudetz

PE and Health


I was born in a small city called Marcali, beside the lake Balaton. I graduated from the Hungarian Physical Education University. Before the graduation, I spent a semester in Australia as a part of my diploma work.
I have been teaching a physical education for more than a decade also as a certificated swimming coach has been a trainer for the younger generation. I used to be a swimming instructor and waterfront director in the USA during summer time. I have been awarded twice for teacher Erasmus scholarship to have a work experience in England.
Health is not everything, but without health everything is nothing.


Vera Buzek

1VB, Learning Support


I started my university years at the University of Szeged with a BA in English-German Studies, after which I graduated from the University of Eötvös Loránd with a degree in Special Educational Needs.
I dreamt about becoming a teacher since my childhood, so I am really passionate about education. As a teacher, I strive to create and maintain an environment where each child’s individual needs are kept in mind, so that all pupils can learn and grow. Every one of us needs some additional attention and care now and then and for children in particular, this is most important.

Robin Hinson

Year 2 Class Teacher


Hi my name is Robin Hinson, and I grew up in Cumbria in the north of the UK where I was lucky to have the beautiful English Lake District on my doorstep. For this reason I am happiest when spending time outdoors. I am currently teaching in Brunei, on the island of Borneo at the prestigious Jerudong International School and will be joining BBIS with my wife Rosie.


Anett Spinks



I qualified from ELTE University with Bachelor of Arts diplomas in both Communication and Cultural Studies. I love working with children as they can teach us as much as we can teach them. The variety of the job and the fact that no two days are the same is extremely rewarding. I am very pleased to be part of this special community and the opportunity to work with a great team of staff.

KS 2 Teachers


Hédi Bódi

2KH, Music


I taught at North London Conservatoire as a musicianship and music kindergarten teacher. I have a wide range of experience working with children aged 1 to 14.
I have always enjoyed being with children because I can learn more from them than from anyone else. Music is always a key element in my method which is a big help for many children to widen their perspectives. The most fulfilling part of my work is awakening young children’s desire for music throughout their lives. BBIS is a caring school where everyone feels welcome and supported teachers and students both.



Daniel Albi

Digital Design and Computing


I was born in Budapest graduated from Eötvös Loránd University’s Faculty of Nursery and Elementary School Teachers Training. I worked as a teacher in a Hungarian-English bilingual elementary school for seven years before coming to BBIS.
I am working as a primary Computing teacher and Digital Design teacher in MYP which I am both enthusiastic about. I’ve taught children from ages 5-14 now and found it extremely rewarding. I have experience teaching basic robotics through LEGO robots and logic gates through Minecraft. I like playing basketball, singing and playing the guitar.



Olga Gonzalez

4OG, KS2 Leader, Spanish


I am originally from Bogotá, Colombia, where I pursued my BA in modern languages and I started my teaching career as a EFL and a bilingual teacher in two prestigious schools of the city. Following my passion for languages I moved to Sydney, Australia where I continued developing professionally studying and working with international students.
In 2002 I moved to Budapest where I have been living ever since and where I have obtained great experience teaching a diverse student population across international schools.
Teaching is my passion. Since I remember, I have always enjoyed working with children. It is a privilege to contribute positively to their personal development and to watch them evolve.


Jolan Chien Szegedy



I studied Visual Communications and Illustration. For my master’s thesis I wrote and illustrated an original children’s storybook. Thinking with a creative mind taught me flexibility, adaptability, and the confidence to express a unique perspective, which are all traits I am passionate about nurturing in the next generation.
Since 2013 I have taught English & Art at a bilingual primary school in Budapest before joining BBIS last year.


Tünde Horváth

5TH, Primary Science Leader


Upon graduating in 2003, I moved to England, where I worked as a Special Educational Teacher for five years. While teaching in England, I studied at Kingston University and completed a diploma in Professional Studies in Education.
I moved to Thailand in 2012 where I worked as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator and Primary Teacher in international schools and taught the English National- and International Primary Curriculum. As a teacher, I especially enjoy delivering a topic-based creative curriculum where children are encouraged to express their ideas through arts and crafts. I believe that the ideal classroom atmosphere for learning is where children feel comfortable and relaxed, but at the same time suitably challenged.



Jennifer Christensen



I have been at BBIS since 2016. Prior to moving to Budapest in 2010, I taught in the United States after studying at Crown College in Tennessee and obtaining my teaching degree.

I strongly believe that education is not all about academics. Learning and processing information is vital, but we should also focus on life-long development of our emotional and social skills. I am pleased to be a part of the students’ development at BBIS.


Ildikó Bakos



Born in Budapest, I obtained a Master’s Degree in Hungarian and Russian Language and Literature at Eötvös Lóránd University, Faculty of Humanities, Budapest. During my studies, I also completed one semester at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. I started my career at Szent István University, Gödöllő, as a teacher of Hungarian as a foreign language.
I believe it is very important that Hungarian pupils in international schools take their first steps in the international context on the basis of a sound knowledge of their mother tongue and national culture.


Mary Sticzay



I have the pleasure of teaching at this school since it opened. I am happy to say that I teach here in multiple classes and that next to the Hungarian language I also make the children familiar with the Hungarian culture.
I consider myself lucky that I can do what I like, my profession is my passion and hobby.


Ivan Aleksic



Born and grew up in Belgrade, Serbia.I have been working as a physical education teacher at Budapest British international school for the past 3 years.
Sport is my passion and trying to teach and make children enjoy and love sport, as well as understand and realize how important it is for their well being, personal development and their future in general is what motivates me to do my best.
I find BBIS right place to be because of it’s diversity and opportunity to learn and expand views in a variety of areas.


Vivien Méray Horváth

Language and Language Acquisition


I was born and raised in Budapest. My relation to the German language started 18 years ago in primary school and it has guided me through my whole path. I finished my Master Degree as a specialist of German literature and linguistics on Eötvös Loránd University. Year by year the German language become to my passion.
On the university I got the opportunity to give lessons to children and since that I am building my career as a teacher. I worked with children and adults in different ages and I am glad that I could experience the challenges with my student, especially with students in younger ages.


Daniel Lancewicz

Year 4 Class Teacher


Hi my name is Daniel, and I graduated from Huddersfield University with a degree in Journalism before completing my Primary PGCE at Roehampton University, London, UK. My teaching journey thus far has taken me to London, Madrid and my home town of Leeds. I also taught English language and literature at secondary level. In the past year I have gained valuable experience working as an English leader and as a member of the Senior Leadership Team. My role involved developing Teaching and Learning and supporting teachers. I am very passionate about learning and I recently completed a Master’s degree in Education. My dissertation explored how reading comprehension can be improved using short, visual videos. I am looking extremely forward to teaching at BBIS and to immerse myself in the exciting and intriguing culture of Budapest.

Holly Johnstone

Year 6 Teacher, Year 5, 6 Performing Arts Specialist


Hi, my name is Holly Johnstone and I am currently teaching in the Heritage Private School in Limassol in Cyprus. Prior to this I was at The English School in Limassol and at Cayman Prep and High School in the Cayman Isands. I love to be creative, so I have written a poem for you to get to know me a bit better. I look forward to meeting you all in August!

Joshua Coupland

Year 5 Class Teacher, Year 5 Whole Year English Teacher


My name is Joshua Coupland and I am originally from the beautiful county of Cornwall in the United Kingdom. I started my teacher training in Roehampton University, London in 2011 and have since graduated, taught in London and most recently had the excellent opportunity of teaching in Year Six and Year Five for four years in a fantastic British International school in Doha, Qatar! This was an incredible experience, though I am definitely ready for somewhere a little cooler.

Lisa Wardle

BBIS Head Of English KS2, Year 3 Class Teacher


Hi, my name is Lisa Wardle and I am currently teaching at the Nord Anglia British School in Yangon. I am the Teaching and Learning Leader at the school, and have taught in both Year 2 and Year 3. I am excited to be the new English/Literacy Coordinator in KS2 at BBIS, and one of the Year 3 teachers. I have been teaching for 7 years, and have been teaching internationally for 4 years. I am passionate about English and am excited to continue to develop the BBIS English progam to be the best in Hungary!

Neil Best

BBIS Head Of PE (Senior And Primary)


I have been teaching internationally for 8 years now, in Saudi Arabia at the British International School, Jeddah, and currently at the Nord Anglia British International School in Houston, in the USA. Outside of work, I am a keen Rugby player and Footballer still playing as much as possible, whilst also attempting to improve my golfing when time allows. Joining me in Budapest will be my wife Lisa, a hairdresser by trade, and our 2-year-old daughter Florence. We are looking forward to experiencing life in Hungary and to making it our home.

MYP Teachers


Geovanny Gonzalez

Head of MFL, Language Acquisition


“We acquire language when we understand messages, when we understand what people tell us and when we understand what we read.” Stephen Krashen.

I was born and raised in Mexico, in the beautiful Mayan peninsula of Yucatán. After finishing my teaching training, specialising in Modern Languages, I worked in various state and private Mexican schools.
I started working at BBIS in 2017 where I have been teaching Primary and Secondary school. Currently we are on an incredible teaching journey by introducing the MYP program in Secondary school. It has been a very satisfying experience and I am looking forward to keep learning about the program as we develop it.


Laura Maxwell

6MB, Individuals and Societies


I was born in New South Wales Australia to an Australian father and English mother. For my teaching degree, I completed a double major in the subjects of English and History. I graduated from the University of New England in 2005 as a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society due my maintenance of an outstanding academic record.
After graduating I worked in Australian schools for six years. My passion for travel brought me to Hungary in 2014 and I decided to stay permanently. I have now taught ESL for three years here in Budapest.
My teaching style is energetic and versatile.


Rosie Curtis

MYP Senior School Visual Arts Teacher
Year 5, 6 Art Teacher


I have a strong belief in exploring a wide variety of Art techniques to find every students’ strengths and encourage artistic risk -taking (in the safest sense possible!) Moving to BBIS, with my husband Robin who is joining Year 2, to work in a smaller school setting is really exciting, and will enable me to support the students’ independent thinking through fun, personalised Art and hopefully eco/ outdoor projects. It’s a real privilege to be able to teach students Art – seeing students’ wonderful imaginations come to life makes it the best job in the world. I am excited to meet everyone at BBIS and to get stuck in!

Kirk Wooton

BBIS Senior School, Head of MYP Science and Maths


As an MYP/DP Chemistry teacher, I can’t wait to join BBIS and help a new group of students experience their own MYP learning journeys in both Science and Maths. I will be joining you along with my wife and two cats (the cats are originally from Thailand and they are more travelled than many people I know). Outside of school, we love to travel – thankfully – and can’t wait to experience Budapest’s food and culture and to be able to explore more of Europe. I will be honest, I am not a particularly sporty person, I can sometimes be seen following a white ball around a golf course – but not doing it very well.
I do love to take part in drama productions and have been on stage numerous times, as well as doing a bit of directing. I hope there is a drama group for me to join.

DP Teachers

Nicole Tomaschofsky

BBIS Senior School, IB Diploma Coordinator, English Language and Science Teacher


I was born and raised in Austria, not far from the city of Salzburg. After obtaining my teaching degree for the subjects of English and Biology, I moved to the West of Scotland where I ended up staying for 11 years, working in the IT industry and as an English teacher at a Scottish secondary school. This was also where I fell in love with teaching abroad. Then I spent four years teaching Biology in a high school near Atlanta in the USA, which was a fantastic experience that helped me grow further as a teacher. After my return to Austria, I taught English and Biology in a middle school in Vienna and I also obtained my master’s degree in Teaching English from Mercy College, New York. I have now been living in Budapest for two years and enjoy it very much. I am looking forward to joining BBIS and being a part of their journey to becoming an IB school.



Eva Lőrincz

MIS Database Manager


I spent my childhood and pre-adolescent years in several different countries around the world with my family and attended Russian Embassy kindergarten, as well as elementary and high schools in Beijing and Prague, respectively. From an early age, I was immersed in a multinational, multicultural environment, which left a lasting impression on me.
As a young adult I moved to the United States, and spent 16 years living, working and studying in New York City, and have experienced that speaking a common language, such as English, could bring people with different cultural backgrounds together.


Maria Paraizs

Admin Support


I was born and raised up in Budapest. I graduated from College of Foreign Trade (Külkereskedelmi Főiskola) in Budapest. I started my carrier in a huge trading company, I had a chance to travel around the world, experienced working with many interesting people.
After this long period of time I enjoyed another world – education, and children- working in an international school before I joined to BBIS in 2017.
I am happy being a part of this school, having relationship with the staff, parents, and the wonderful kids from almost 35 countries.


Tamás Füzesy

Business Manager


My name is Tamas Fuzesy. I worked for different national and international NGOs in the fields of health, education and income as CEO and COO in the last 25 years (AEEA – American Embassy Employees Association; Bátor Tábor Foundations; United Way Hungary; HTDA – Hidden Treasures Down Association).
I am the Chairman of the Board of Habitat for Humanity Hungary and Supervisory Board member at the Council of Disability Associations on a social responsibility base. I am eager to work at BBIS and change other people’s life.


Eva Van Schalkwyk

Office Manager




Philip Allen