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Science in the MYP

We encounter science everywhere as we live our lives, from the internal workings of our bodies to the spaceships that launch into our solar system and beyond. At BBIS, Science is integrated to include a broad scope of topics, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Sciences and Space Sciences. As students explore these different disciplines, they will practice observing, inquiring and formulating hypotheses about the world around them. They are encouraged to be critical thinkers and question the validity of statements made in different forms of media, both in class and in the real world. Students develop the skills needed to research, plan, and carry out scientific investigations and analyse the results of those experiments. We discuss the discoveries and breakthroughs that have come from the realm of science, many of which have changed the course of human history. Scientific study aims to inspire students to be more appreciative and curious about the natural world, emphasising global citizenship and the responsibility to care for our planet. 

The Future of Science in the IB DP

Sciences in the Diploma Program continues to challenge students to think critically about the world they live in through the lens of a more rigorous curriculum. The Sciences subject group morphs into discrete courses for students to choose from, for example, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Systems and Societies, and Sport, Exercise and Health Science. These courses give students a more in-depth experience with their chosen subject, developing their body of knowledge and investigative skills. Aims of the program include applying 21st-century communication skills in a scientific context and understanding the relationship between scientific disciplines and their broader influences. Students are provided opportunities to challenge themselves and collaborate with students in other science courses on wide-ranging projects. As in the MYP, there is an emphasis on global citizenship and the responsibility of scientists to think both critically and creatively to solve comprehensive problems.  

BBIS is a candidate school* for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and pursuing authorization as an IB World School.
IB World Schools share a common philosophy—a commitment to improve the teaching and learning of a
diverse and inclusive community of students by delivering challenging, high quality programmes of
international education that share a powerful vision.**

*Only schools authorized by the International Baccalaureate can offer any of its four academic programmes: the Primary Years
Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the Diploma Programme or the IB Career-related Certificate (IBCC). Candidate
status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted.
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