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Language Acquisition

Modern Foreign Language

In BBIS, students have the opportunity to choose between German and Spanish in Key Stage 2. In Year 3, students can study Spanish and from Years 4-6, they can choose between Spanish and German. 

Our curriculum is enhanced within the UK national curriculum objectives. Teaching is focused on enabling pupils to make substantial progress in the foreign language of their choice. The learning is an appropriate balance of spoken and written language and provides the foundations for further foreign language learning in the MYP programme in the Secondary school.


The study of additional languages in the MYP allows students to develop an insight into the features, processes and craft of language and the concept of culture and realise that there are diverse ways of living, behaving and viewing the world. Spanish is one of the options of the Language Acquisition subject.  During the five year programme, students will learn about different topic areas such as; Identity and Culture, Education and the World of Work, The World We Live in, Local Areas, Travel and Tourism and Technology and the Media. Our curriculum aims to construct learning around relevant and authentic situations and develops the following skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing.


At BBIS, German is one of the languages students can learn in the MYP Language Acquisition Programme. As it is one of the most important and culturally rich languages in Europe, we aim to engage and inspire students through high expectations and develop an appreciation and understanding of the German language and culture, which they can carry with them throughout their lives. Our broad, enriching curriculum supports self-confidence and a sense of achievement by enabling each student to express themselves in German at their own level and pace. We develop language responsiveness through active involvement in listening, speaking, reading and writing across a wide variety of topic activities and traditions. We are committed to ensuring students understand the value and importance of German in the wider community and are able to use their knowledge and understanding to recognise that diversity is a matter of respect and celebration in a world of multiple cultures and languages. We aim to explore and celebrate culture, traditions and language from German-speaking countries, developing a rich understanding of the world around us in an expressive and exciting way.