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Individuals and Societies

Individuals and Societies

The Individuals and Societies subject group spans a number of social sciences such as History, Geography, Economics, Politics and more.  Students examine events and interactions at a local, regional, national and global level through the lens of the MYP global contexts.

There is a strong focus on critical thinking skills, information literacy and source evaluation, evidence-based arguments and engagement with and evaluation of the research process. 

At BBIS we study in the Integrated Humanities course in the MYP that integrates History, Geography, Economics, Politics and aspects of other social sciences.   At the Diploma Programme level, students will specialise in a discrete humanities course such as History, Psychology, Economics, Business Management etc. which they will study in more depth.


“My favourite lesson in school is I & S. Individuals and Societies is a lesson where we learn about global relationships, history, economics and politics. I really like this lesson because I feel like I can really express my voice and my opinion freely and ask questions and get answers without being judged. I really like my teacher due to the fact that her way of teaching is really interesting and interacting with all the students.”

Achinoam, MYP4 (my 2nd year at bbis, from Israel.