Eva Lorincz

MIS Database Manager


I spent my childhood and pre-adolescent years in several different countries around the world with my family and attended Russian Embassy kindergarten, as well as elementary and high schools in Beijing and Prague, respectively. From an early age, I was immersed in a multinational, multicultural environment, which left a lasting impression on me.
As a young adult I moved to the United States, and spent 16 years living, working and studying in New York City, and have experienced that speaking a common language, such as English, could bring people with different cultural backgrounds together.

Alex Prest

Admissions Manager
Marketing Manager


I was born and raised in the Uk and studied Education and Performing Arts at St. Martins University Lancaster. I have been teaching in Hungary for the past 16 years, but also have a background in performance and International banking. My passion for teaching started at a young age. To watch a child make a connection and achieve success is extremely rewarding. I joined BBIS in August 2017 as a teacher, and feel blessed to be part of such an amazing team of committed people. There is a real sense of solidarity and common purpose that unite the staff and together we work to build on the solid foundations of this wonderful school.

I am very happy to have the opportunity to see a different side to school life in my new role as Admissions Manager, and to welcoming new families to our caring, school community.

In my free time I enjoy visiting the theatre, singing and practicing my golf swing.

Kitti Balint-Bakai

Office Manager
Admissions Officer
Finance Administrator

Hi, my name is Kitti Balint-Bakai and I am the Office Manager of BBIS. I was born and grew up in Budapest.
Several years later I graduated from Eötvös Loránd Science University, holding a bachelor’s degree in Hungarian and Chinese language.
Working in the field of international education for 5 years now, I really enjoy meeting new families and learning about different cultures from all around the world.
As an avid traveller, besides spending an amazing year in China, I have visited more than 25 countries.
I am also an amateur illustrator who is very proud of releasing her first colouring book. In my free time, I love reading, doing zumba, gardening and spending time in nature. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Petra Hallosy



Introduction soon

Maria Paraizs

Admin Support


I was born and raised up in Budapest. I graduated from College of Foreign Trade (Külkereskedelmi Főiskola) in Budapest. I started my carrier in a huge trading company, I had a chance to travel around the world, experienced working with many interesting people.
After this long period of time I enjoyed another world – education, and children- working in an international school before I joined to BBIS in 2017.
I am happy being a part of this school, having relationship with the staff, parents, and the wonderful kids from almost 35 countries.

Andrea Halasz



I’m 30 years old, and I am from Transylvania, I was raised in Hungary. I was living in Budapest in the last 11 years. I have been a professional in the hospitality industry in the last 9 years. Until April, I was managing the reception of a luxury hotel, and before that, I was working as a chief concierge for years in a fascinating 5* hotel. I was lucky enough to work with some extremely high standardised hotels, bars, and restaurants during the years. If you don’t know what to do in the city, I am here to help you anytime.

Life overwrote my plans and shown me a new path to evolve as a professional and person. I am so grateful for this opportunity in the BBIS, where I can be a part of an amazing team while helping others. I am delighted to be surrounded by positive people from different cultures. Currently, I am learning Spanish and Italian languages.

I studied culture management at college, and I adore art, especially paintings. I love to sing. I am passionate about music. I visited several countries, discovering new places, and their culture makes me really happy. Usually, I like to visit museums too. I adore food and gastronomy, especially when it comes to discovering exceptional restaurants and speakeasy cocktail bars while my trips worldwide.