KS 2

KS 2

Our Key Stage 2 program for Years 3 through 6 strives to encourage and assist students reach their potential while recognising that these students have different interests, strengths, and learning styles.

All children at BBIS, in both KS1 and KS2  have a Form Teacher, who fosters a sense of identity and security from an early age and who will be the first port of call for both children and parents.

The Form Teacher will always teach some of the academic curriculum to their children and, quite frequently, will teach several subjects to their children. All the children will see specialist teachers for some subjects, such as sport, music, Spanish and German. There are cross curricular links between many subjects, especially English which incoroporates Drama, Music and Art wherever possible.

We have a child-centred approach which, at its heart, creates an environment designed to encourage every child to fulfill their potential. The school day is purposeful and involves active learning and our learning dispositions are at the heart of lessons. The children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and become increasingly independent. The academic curriculum remains broad, enriching and engaging.

BBIS children enjoy playing instruments, singing, sport and acting. The curriculum and opportunities are such that all children play in team sports and swimming, all children are in class assemblies and the yearly school play, and learning to play a musical instrument is something that all children in Years 3 to 6 do. Doing it all and having the breadth of experience is at the heart of the positive and rewarding education that we offer.

Each class has its own form room, class reading-library, interactive screen and cloakroom facilities. In addition we have four class sets of ipads and introduce 21st century learning to all classes where appropriate, however we also maintain a strong emphasis on the importance of reading books and handwriting. We have a multi-purpose assembly hall, a well-equipped science lab, and a computer room and a dedicated art room. The Junior School has a separate music classroom and access to individual tuition rooms. We have access to local theatres for big musical concerts and they play host to the annual BBIS school play.

We use an extensive playing field and an indoor gym at MOM Sports, as well as olympic sized pools and a training pool for our swimming lessons.

BBIS has the flexibility to put children into smaller groups to support and extend whether it be in sport, music, maths or English. It is an approach which enables us to go beyond the minimum requirements of the National Curriculum, introducing some subjects earlier and delivering others in greater depth.

All children study English, Mathematics, Science, Topic, Spanish/German, Music, Art, Computing, Sport and PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education).

The children are prepared for entry to BBIS senior school, and are confident, happy and achieve above the British national average.  We maintain the breadth of our curriculum to Year 6 and do not narrow the children’s education for the sake of assessment preparation. Internal assessments are used to inform both teaching and learning.

To help children develop healthy learning habits and support their learning we do give homework and expect daily reading practice. We provide homework diaries so that requirements are clear.


Budapest British International School is committed to developing confident, globally aware, motivated and self-disciplined learners, who can realize their full potential and make a responsible contribution to the world, in a caring, arts oriented teaching and learning environment.