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Anti-Bullying Week

Across BBIS we will be acknowledging AntiBullying Week (14-18th November). This year’s theme is ‘reach out’. We want all students to be able to recognise the signs of Bullying, and the impact this has on an individual and be confident they have a trusting adult to reach out to.  Activities will identify the role of a bystander in bullying and what to do if you witness bullying whether face-to-face or online. We will urge all BBIS students to reach out to an adult they trust when they feel uncomfortable, whether this is bullying or a different topic. As parents, the students may reach out to you. BBIS would also encourage you to discuss this with us, as working in partnership with parents is vital to support all students to thrive as they develop.
Alongside this, we are encouraging all students in both Primary and Secondary to wear ‘Odd Socks’ on Tuesday the 15th of November. Wearing odd socks is to symbolise that everyone is unique. We will support this with circle time and tutor time discussions to celebrate the uniqueness of the students in the BBIS community.
If you have any concerns regarding bullying or any other student safety topics. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with