At BBIS we have developed a rich, creative and engaging curriculum for our students, with our aim being that our children enjoy school as well as developing as learners and individuals.

It is our responsibility, and each child’s entitlement, that their development is assessed, tracked and this information be used to inform teaching as well the families/guardians for each of our children.

Below you will see an outline of the assessment carried out at BBIS. Assessment is a continuous process and is carried out by our staff on an on-going basis, in the form of effective Assessment for Learning (Afl), as well as summative tests.


Age /years Key Stage Year Curriculum /Programme Assessment Policy
5-6 KS1 1 National Curriculum for England · Ongoing Formative Assessments (Afl)
· Weekly Spelling and Times Table tests
· Termly Reading tests based on school schemes (ORT/RAZ)
· Half-termly tests for each subject based on program used (Abacus, LCP)
· Half-termly APP of written pieces for each student.
· International testing (CAT4, PIM, PIE)
6-7 2
7-8 KS2 3
8-9 4
9-10 5
10-11 6
11-12 MYP 7 MYP · Ongoing Formative Assessments (Afl)
· Termly summative assessments
· Assignments given per subject, per term, with feedback given to students
· Termly teacher analysis of student results to award an Overall Level of Achievement (OLA) level for each subject.
· Termly teacher assessment of the 5 Approaches to Learning(ATL) skill areas.
· On-screen external MYP examinations at 16.
· ePortfolios of coursework, including a compulsory ePortfolio for the personal project.
12-13 8


Budapest British International School is committed to developing confident, globally aware, motivated and self-disciplined learners, who can realize their full potential and make a responsible contribution to the world, in a caring, arts oriented teaching and learning environment.