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New Staff

What's it like to be a new member of staff at BBIS?

When we joined the BBIS team, the nurturing approach of the school was immediately extended to all of the new teachers. Our BBIS “buddies”, along with many other colleagues, were on hand to help out before our moves to Hungary making the whole experience much more relaxed. From the engaging professional development sessions to the exciting scavenger hunt helping us to familiarise ourselves with our new home, we knew that the BBIS team were there to support us both professionally and personally. 

The incredible facilities that the school has to offer fill us with excitement for the innovative and engaging teaching we will be able to deliver using them! There is a real sense of pride at BBIS. Pride for the values; the cutting-edge facilities; the exceptionally high levels of pedagogy; and of course, the students.

We are so excited to be a part of this caring, committed and inspiring team and we cannot wait to get to know all of the students and families over the coming years. Thank you for welcoming us into the BBIS family!