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Vera Buzek

Vera Buzek KS1 Class Teacher, Primary Professional Learning Lead

BBIS best moment:

Being a member of the BBIS school community for more than 6 years means that I have seen many students growing up in front of my eyes. I consider myself lucky since I was able to pursue my dreams and become a teacher, which is one of the most rewarding professions in the world. My best moments are the daily hugs, smiles and “How are you”s from students who I will always hold dearly in my heart. 


Something interesting about me:

I love challenges. I seek adventures where I have to push myself to my limits and step out of my comfort zone. A couple of years ago, I hiked over 4000 metres and reached the highest peak of the Atlas Mountains. This summer, I cycled up the highest paved road in Europe and reached the summit of Pico de Veleta by gaining 2700 metres of elevation.

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