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Anna Szigeti

Anna Szigeti Primary Hungarian Teacher

Best BBIS moment

It isn’t easy to decide as there are so many! But I will never forget how it felt when I first stepped into the school, and it seemed so friendly and welcoming, a place where everyone feels happy and curious to try new things! I remember the proud feeling when I found out that a student who was in my Phonics group the previous year and could hardly read at the beginning ended up as one of the top students in Literacy!


Something interesting about me

I just love doing sports outdoors – I’m that one teacher you often see leaving school on a scooter! I ran a half marathon once, did the Balaton-átúszás twice, which is a 5.2km swimming from one side to the other in lake Balaton, and a few years ago I did all 3 levels of the Spartan Race, and I must say I truly enjoyed crawling in the mud!

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