Angela Fairs Principal

I am very proud to be the Principal at BBIS, working with such a fantastic group of teachers, and supportive parents! My passion lies in helping children, of all ages, achieve more than they think they can. I believe every child has a unique talent and it is our job, as teachers and educators, to give children the self-confidence and skills to be able to try new things, and develop a life- long passion for learning.

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I am delighted to join the BBIS team and I am really looking forward to become a part of this new, developing international community.


Eran Gonen

We had so good time at school. Owner is super dedicate and investing at school a lot. Owner has a very open mind. Teachers are great. value for Money is the best. Thanks for the great years. 

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Ildiko Ignacz

Unique, privately-owned British school upon the hills of Buda in Zsolna utca. Great, familiar atmosphere, excellent native teachers, wide variety of after and in-school activities, well-organised and professional management. Owners are very dedicated and passionate about research & development by keeping up the high standards they constantly investing and searching for new ways for developing. High quality education. Good luck for the upcoming term BBIS!

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Great teacher community and friendly learning environment!


Year 4

I love all the teachers and all the lessons! I have lots of friends at school! And I hate holidays, because the school is closed!